Zubin Releases Instrumental EP — Demons Sound Like Angels

Olympus Project’s very own co-founder Zubin Gadhoke is not just an artist manager — he’s also an extremely talented producer and studio engineer.

Zubin released his first major project, “Demons Sound Like Angels,” on all streaming platforms on Feb. 14. He took a unique approach to this six track instrumental EP by sampling influential early 2000’s hip-hop and pop songs that inspired him in his youth. Some samples that are featured on the project are from artists like Akon, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback, Jason Derulo, Omarion, and more.


“I hope to use this project as a way to inspire those that struggle with anxiety and depression,” says Zubin. “I want people to see that the road to self-improvement starts with self-belief and channeling that negative energy into something positive.”

Creating music is a way for Zubin to express his creative side and deal with his own personal struggles. Producing this EP was an emotional experience for him, but he learned about his own self-worth in the process.

To Zubin, this instrumental tape is a full composition on its own; however, he also wants to re-release it in the future as an album in collaboration with vocal artists.


Zubin’s advice: “Never lose sight of the end goal. Stay focused, stay on path, make sure you know what is best for yourself. At the end of the day, nobody will believe in you like you believe in yourself, so you have to know that everything you do is right in your heart, no matter what anybody else says.”

Be sure to stream Zubin’s debut project “Demons Sound Like Angels” on all platforms!

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